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Cassie and Willie

As a couple, the best way to plan a wedding is to incorporate part of your personalities into the event.  Whether it’s in the specific shoes you wear that are uniquely you or even by incorporating music from the groom’s band… having those details truly adds to the charm and the uniqueness of the day.

Willie and Cassie’s wedding was completely unique and perfect for them!

Cassie was the perfect vision.  Her beautiful dress, and leopard print shoes accented her sense of style, while Willie was ever the dashing groom.

Surrounded by their family and their friends, they exclaimed their love for each other and said their vows at The San Diego Zoo.  The festivities continued as they adjourned to their reception also within the park, where they danced the evening away to the infectious music provided by Local Boy DJ and ate delicious cupcakes provided by Brenda Kasaty.

Willie and Cassie are an amazing and beautiful couple and I know that they will be so happy together.