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Chad and Ashley

Part of what I love about photographing weddings is seeing the couple plan their big day.  I love hearing the behind the scenes stories and thought that goes into the various details, be-it color schemes, venues, flowers or music.  Hearing the bride’s vision enables me to start brain storming for their pictures.  I feel so blessed to be invited into the team of people celebrating the couple and am even more honored by the fact that I am entrusted to capture their special moments.  If you have ever met Chad, you would know that he is a wonderful friend to have.  His enthusiasm is contagious and he will always go the extra mile for his loved ones.  Without any exaggeration at all, I can say that he has found his other half in his bride Ashley.
They complete one another and every moment of their wedding was proof of that.  Their wedding was a beautiful occasion at The Bing Crosby Country Club.  The rolling hills of fairway and perfect weather, created a beautiful backdrop for the beautiful couple.  The wedding was  full of family and friends who celebrated their love.  Chad and Ashley were married by their good friend Craig in a short ceremony before getting the party started in a fun, dance-filled celebration.  Ashley, who looked simply stunning in her dress, wowed everyone by her surprise father-daughter dance rendition of the “Chicken Dance.”
I wish Chad and Ashley a lifetime of happiness and good things.